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Mission Driven Startup Radically Thought Through Business Model to Reach Sustainable Business Goals

Sunstation Sunscreen Dispensers - sustainable business practices

Recent Recipient Ross Donaldson, founder and CEO of Sunstation USA is a singular example both Arch Grants’ approach and of how a sustainable business should work. Sunstation USA’s substantive rethink of how the sunscreen industry might operate is exemplary of what we can all do to foster a responsible and sustainable business culture in St. Louis.

By no means is it easy to establish a sustainable business. However, as Donaldson explains, making sustainability a central value to your business model may prove to be a key factor in not only marketing your product, but in distributing it too...

“We’re in the business of public health,” Donaldson

says. “We want our product to be accessible to everyone, because everyone deserves to know about and prevent skin cancer. Healthy communities are better communities.”

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