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Capital Innovators Announces Fall 2016 Accelerator Class

St. Louis-based Capital Innovators announced at an event at CIC that the accelerator program has invested in six high-growth companies for its Fall 2016 cohort.The accelerator program, one of the top 10 accelerators in the U.S. received hundreds of applications from more than 20 countries.

Each company in the new cohort will receive $50,000 in seed funding, project-based mentorship from a seasoned pool of knowledgeable experts, networking opportunities over the course of 12 weeks with opportunities afterwards for follow-on-funding. “The quality of companies applying to our accelerator program increases with each new cohort, and we are very excited to work with this next cohort to help them scale their businesses,” said Capital Innovators COO Brian Dixon. “Capital Innovators is proud to be a leader in the startup ecosystem and helping contribute to making St. Louis the Startup Mecca of the Midwest.”

The new cohort includes one company from outside the US, and three from outside the state of Missouri. “We view this as a positive sign that our brand recognition is spreading, bringing with it the opportunity to find the best startups from around the world and show them the benefits our program and region provides.” says Dixon.

Meet the new class:

Appbase St. Louis, Mo CEO: Siddharth Kothari

Appbase is building a streaming database for powering IoT-age software and is on a mission to transform the #realtimeweb. Since inception, Appbase has grown its developer engagement on the platform and made over 200,000,000+ API calls.

Collabra Louisville, KY CEO: Ron Karroll

Collabra is a suite of uniquely combined ed-tech tools helping arts instructors and their students save time, meet institutional and state requirements, ensure accountability, easily exchange feedback, accelerate growth, and quantify results. Instructors and students obtain private accounts and use Collabra’s tools suite to record and cloud archive unlimited audio / video lessons, practices, assessments and time-stamped feedback.

Heartbeat Toronto, Canada CEO: Michael Kasan

Heartbeat has developed an algorithm that enables doctors, nurses, and patients to monitor hemodynamic parameters and provide care management with actionable information to help prevent hospital re-admissions and advanced remote monitoring. With Heartbeat’s application, these parameters can be measured using any off-the-shelf Pulse Oximeter or wearable device.

RippleNami San Diego, CA CEO: Jaye Connolly-Labelle

RippleNami is a B2B technology company working in developing nations to deliver mapping solutions that solve critical problems. RippleNami’s mission is simple: to connect unconnected people with an easy-to-use mapping solution that allows organizations and the common person to map resources, situations, and what they need to find in their world. A RIPPLE means “movement” and NAMI means “with me” in Swahili – Hence, “Create a movement with me.”

Stratifund Minneapolis, MN Co-CEO’s: Mark Snover & Alex Thaler

Stratifund is a leading provider of independent equity crowdfunding due diligence and ratings to help investors make informed investment decisions. Using a proprietary algorithm backed by exhaustive research, Stratifund offers unbiased rankings, comprehensive deal reports, and educational materials to subscribers.

Sunstation USA St. Louis, MO CEO: Ross Donaldson

Sunstation is a weather resistant, all-natural, touch-free sunscreen dispenser that is your community’s #1 resource for preventing sunburns and skin cancer.

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