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Your VOICE matters because your VOTE matters!

Let’s admit it, this election cycle has been quite the circus. In this landscape of frustration and potential-disillusionment, many have begun to wonder if their voice still matters. And your VOICE matters because your VOTE matters! Your voice goes beyond the media conglomerates. It’s louder than the Electoral College. Your voice plays a vital role in your hometown and local community. You have the potential to impact and implement change that truly works for you when you speak out! SUNSTATION USA believes this to be especially true, and we believe in YOU and your voice! That’s why we’ve integrated a simple way for you to let your local officials and decision-makers know that skin cancer is a real concern. By submitting a SUNSTATION USA REQUEST, we will reach out to your local officials to let them know that their taxpayers (you) have spoken and that your voice matters. DID YOU KNOW? Skin cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in the US…but it’s also the most preventable. Someone dies from skin cancer every 52 minutes. It’s a serious problem that requires a serious solution! That’s where SUNSTATION USA can help! We are providing communities with sunscreen dispensers. Our sunscreen dispensers offer all-natural, SPF 30, broad-spectrum sunscreen to be made available in your local parks, playgrounds, ball fields, swimming pools, etc. CLICK HERE and make your VOICE count by requesting a SUNSTATION USA near you!

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