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The Sun Doesn't Hibernate

As temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier, and Fall turns into Winter, it's natural to move into hibernation-mode. We begin to spend more time inside, layer our clothing, and pack on the holiday weight. We also assume everything else hibernates. But one thing remains constant - the sun.

The sun doesn't hibernate.

And yet we stop applying sunscreen before we go outside as if it does. We're lulled into a wintry slumber, and inadvertently put our health at risk.

  • Skin cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in the US

  • Someone dies from skin cancer every 52 minutes

  • As few as 3 sunburns increases your chance of being diagnosed with melanoma by 65%

So we don't have the luxury of forgetting about the sun's harmful UV rays just because the temperatures start to fall.

Experts at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute report, "snow, ice, and water can all reflect the ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn. Sunburn in turn increases the risk of developing skin cancer, and fall-winter sports enthusiasts can face just as much risk of getting sunburn as summer sunbathers."

So don't forget to apply your sunscreen all year long.

  • Be sure you're using an SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen

  • Apply sunscreen every 90 minutes

  • Spend time outdoors at places that provide sunscreen dispensers

  • Request a SUNSTATION near you!

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